What Do YouTube?

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Last week I shared a list of websites that I have been visiting to try to keep what little sanity I have left.  But, I left one off.  That would be YouTube.

I admit, I’m late to the YouTube party.  Of course I used it from time to time, but it was never on my top 10 list of websites until this year, when of course I had a lot more time on my hands in the evenings and weekends since there was no place to go.  Now I go there almost every day!

So what have I been looking at on the You of Tube?  Funny you ask!  Here are a few of my new favorites:

  • Mr Max TV.   Max is a young cockatoo (in his teens).  His owner has spent a truly remarkable amount of time recording this bird.  Sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he’s obnoxious, sometimes he’s not doing much at all.  But for some reason I am hooked.  Bonus- my oldest cat Hershey likes it too!
  • Neil Sedaka daily mini concert.  Yes, that Neil Sedaka has been recording daily “mini concerts” since the pandemic started.  He plays 3 songs, some hits of his, some hits he wrote for others, some deep album cuts.  It’s wholesome and just plain makes you feel happy listening to him.
  • Iron Chef Japan.   I got hooked on Iron Chef when Foot Network ran the Japanese show back in the late 90s and early 2000s.  It is hilarous.  The ingredients are usually slightly horrifying and the English overdubbed commentary ranges from kinda silly to outright bizarre.  Bonus- the outfits/ costumes!  The American version is but a pale, sad shadow of the original!
  • Whose Line is it Anyway.  Another old TV show I cannot get enough of and the only place I can find the original seasons recorded in the UK.
  • Pleasant Green.  A guy from Utah who works to expose scammers, sometimes even works with them to get them gainful, non- harmful employment.  He is funny, helpful, and 100% family friendly.

Bonus-  Hershey loves “cat TV”, which are videos created for the sole purpose of entertaining pets.  Oddly enough, my other two cats do not watch it or even seem to notice when it is on, but Hershey just LOVES it.  I think he actually recognizes the YouTube logo, which is a tiny bit embarassing.

What do you watch on YouTube?  Have you been watching more in recent months?

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