What Stinks?

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It seems in today’s society there are very few things that cannot be discussed openly.  People have no trouble talking about their medical procedures, sex lives, and everything in between.

But there are still a few taboo topics out there, and one of them is body odor.  No one wants it or wants to be around someone who has it.

I’ll come out and say it –  I I have been in a war with my armpits since I was 10 years old.  They sweat like I’m running a marathon and smell even worse.   I have tried every kind of “clinical” deodorant/ antiperspirant the drug store offers.  They kind of work, but only kind of.  I have tried men’s products.  I didn’t sweat as much, but smelled like pine trees with a hint of armpit (It’s been suggested I try an unscented men’s product- go find one.  Seriously.  I don’t think they exist).   I have tried more powerful products available only online.  They did work, but made my armpits break out in unpleasant rashes.    It’s been suggested that I “detox” off antiperspirants entirely and just use a deodorant product.  Not only is that not what even close to what the word “detox” means, but I would be soaked to the waist by 10am.  I have looked into Botox, but it doesn’t last that long (a few months tops) and is not cheap.

So my struggle continues.  If you know of any non-mainstream brands that you think I should try out PLEASE let me know.  In the meantime, please take a moment and think the next time you want to complain about the way a coworker, friend, etc. smells.  I’m sure there are people who truly are unaware of how bad they smell, but some of us are truly doing the best we can with what the Lord gave us.  We are no happier about it than you are, I promise.

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