What’s a Knotty Thing?

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Last weekend I attended the Iowa Bloggers Conference in Fort Dodge Iowa.  I learned a ton, met some great new people and got to see some folks I haven’t seen in a while.  A good day for sure.

Being a blogging event I was frequently asked what my blog is called and what I blog about.  While the short answer “It’s called Knotty Things” is pretty simple, it usually required some explanation.  What I blog about?  That’s even more complicated!  So, in between basketball games I mulled both these questions over quite a bit.  While I freely admit my blog- much like my own self- are a work in progress, here are the answers to both questions as I see them today:

#1 What’s a Knotty Thing?  When I originally settled on this (3rd) name for my blog it was because I was blogging a lot about marriage.  While I don’t write about that as much as longer I think the title still works on a couple levels- “knotty” as a play on the word “naughty” and “knotty” as tangled/ complicated.  So, while I’ve updated my tagline, I am not anticipating yet another title change anytime soon.

#2 What is Knotty Things about?   Things that I struggle to understand.  Things that I have a strong opinion on.  Things I am insane enough to think other Gen Xers (along with a few Baby Boomers and Gen Y folks) might also be thinking about and/ or contemplating .  And, a little silliness along the way as well because life’s too short to be serious all the time.

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2 thoughts on “What’s a Knotty Thing?

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