What’s in a Name?

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What is the deal with people deciding that their child needs a goofily-spelled name?

I’m not talking about names where there are more than one socially acceptable versions already out there such as Geoffrey/Jeffrey or Deborah/Debra. I’m talking about all the other names that we as a society thought we already knew how to spell but apparently didn’t.

This comes to mind today because we had a baptism in church this morning and the child was named Jaxon. Excuse me while I scream. That is NOT how you spell that word. Look it up if you don’t believe me. The same holds true for some of the other gems I’ve seen recently- Allysin, Hudsyn, Tylor and Cidnee (that’s supposed to be Sydney- took me a while too).

This sort of thing is so irritating to me- even more so that people who make up brand new names (although that does bug me too). What is the thought process that going into making this kind of choice for your newborn? “I want my child to suffer a lifetime of having to correct people”? “I never want my child to have anything with his name pre-printed on it”? “I want my child to be made fun of every day”?

Your child is already unique- that’s fourth grade biology. They don’t need the burden of having to explain to every teacher, DMV worker, employer and everyone else how to spell their name for the next 80 years. So why don’t you do them a favor and knock off this crazy trend?

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  1. Stacy's ramblings

    My name is spelled the most basic of ways to spell Stacy and people STILL get it wrong. It doesn't matter what you name your kid… my own relatives can't spell Lukas' name right and half of them can't even spell MY name right. I chalk it up to laziness and stupidity. As for those cheesy souveniers? Big deal. Get them something special MADE for them with their name on it. That's what I do anyway.


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