Who Sent You?

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Last summer when Lilly first showed up on our doorstep a lot of people commented that Hershey sent her (For the newcomers, Hershey was my husband’s cat who passed on last winter at the age of 18 1/2 and the poster child for this post).

Originally I laughed that off.  Even if I did believe that a dearly departed cat had that power, I reasoned that he would have never sent us a sweet cat like Lilly.  Why?  Because Hershey hated me the entire 14 years we lived together.

However, in the months that have past since Lilly entered our lives I’m afraid to admit those folks may have had a point after all.

Hershey was the runt of the litter and he was always very slender.  Lilly is a very small cat.

Hershey would stroll up and down the hallway meowing just to hear the sound of his own voice.  Lilly loves to do the same, doubly so when she was in heat (she is finally fixed now- yay!).

Hershey loved to watch me clean the litter pans.  Lilly loves it too, and so did her kittens!

Hershey used to bite me in the back of the ankle like he was trying to rip out my Achilles. One of Lilly’s kittens did that to me twice.

And yes, Hershey probably would have found it hilarious to sent us a pregnant cat.  He was sneaky like that.

So, who knows- maybe the people I laughed at were right and Lilly was guided to us by forces we don’t fully understand.  It seems like crazier things have happened in the last two years!

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