Why Aren’t We Doing This?

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Recently Pat and I took a trip to California- the Hollywood/ Burbank area of Los Angeles to be exact.  And yes, we had a great time even though we managed to be in town during an unusual heat wave- 90+ degrees every day is a little warm for my tastes!

People frequently say that California is like another country.  And, well, I think it’s safe to say that Los Angeles is nothing at all like Iowa!   Everything- from gas to bottled water to socks- is crazy expensive.   There are people everywhere that you think just might be famous, but you aren’t quite sure enough to go up and ask.  And don’t even get me started on LA drivers and traffic!

But one thing that I really appreciated that is they are still taking COVID seriously.  You aren’t getting into any building without a mask.   You aren’t getting into a Uber, tour bus, or any other vehicle with others without a mask.  Masks are even recommended in crowded outdoor locations, and I saw quite a few folks wearing them then.  Full disclosure- I personally did not wear a mask outdoors, but mad respect for those who did.

LA County has taken it a step further.  You cannot dine inside without showing proof of vaccination.  Outside of fast food places  (which usually have a drive thru) most restaurants do have outdoor seating available, so they aren’t totally turning away unvaccinated customers.

And of course, all airplanes and airports require masks per federal regulations.

So why here in the Midwest do we only wear them at the airport?  Admittedly, I put myself in that category.  I have a ton of cool masks- some handmade, some from Old Navy- that are just hanging out in my laundry room.

Granted, I am fully vaccinated.  I do still use hand sanitizer by the gallon and use extra caution in public  – especially in high tough areas like door handles. I do still use curbside pickup for some shopping (I just can’t do groceries online).

I don’t have good answers.  I can’t even explain why I stopped wearing them.

Do you wear a mask when out and about?  Why or why not?


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