Why Duluth?

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Two weeks ago I was on vacation in Duluth MN.  This was a favorite vacation spot when I was a kid and has continued to be one now that I’m an adult.   This was the fifth time I’ve been there as an adult, and the fourth time I’ve gone alone.  I’m already thinking about what I’m going to do the next time I’m there, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great getaway!

Many people have asked me “What’s so great about Duluth anyway?”  In spite of my great love for the area I have a really hard time explaining WHY I love it so much.  I spent a lot of time thinking about just this while relaxing in Canal Park (my absolute favorite spot in Duluth).

Certainly nostalgia comes into play.  I have really great memories of being the Canal Park and watching the Aerial Lift Bridge on family vacations.  Seeing a thousand foot ship passing through the harbor entrance was exciting when I was younger and it’s still pretty cool now.  This is usually the answer I give when someone asks me why I love it so much.

The lack of pollen (or at least the kinds I’m allergic to) is a great thing too.  The cottonwood trees have been in full bloom here in Iowa, and even though I’m taking two allergy meds in combination I am still stuffed up like crazy.  But I could breathe clear and my eyes weren’t constantly running while on the shore of Lake Superior.  My cousin goes to college up there and she’s experienced the same thing much further inland.

Part of it is probably that I’m away from my daily sights and activities.  I don’t have to worry about getting to that meeting on time or making sure the cats’ water bowl is full or any of the other zillion things I think about when I’m home.

But, there is an inner peace I feel in Duluth that I just don’t feel anywhere else.  Duluth is comfortable and comforting to me.  It takes me back to being a kid when going on vacation was truly the high point of the summer.  It takes me back to going up the first time as an adult (alone) and being so happy I was proving to “the world” (in reality,  just myself) that I could do anything I wanted to all alone and I didn’t need a man for anything.

I may never be able to truly quantify why it’s so special to me, and perhaps if I ever really could the magic would be gone.  So, I’m content to let it continue to be “my happy place” and to look forward to the next time I go to visit.


2 thoughts on “Why Duluth?

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