With Great Comfort comes Great Responsibility

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It’s time to have a serious discussion about a serious topic:  Leggings.

Yes, those amazing stretchy comfy garments that are God’s gift to women.  But no one wants to see their gift misused- even the Lord.  So, how do we make sure that doesn’t happen?  Simple- we wear leggings as they are intended to be worn.  How do I know if I’m wearing my leggings right you might ask?  That is also very simple!  Here are 3 easy things to check off while you are getting dressed.

#1 Leggings are not pants.  If they were, we would just call them pants.  If you can see most or all of your derriere and/ or any of your lady bits in front, go find a longer shirt/ sweater.  No one who isn’t a creepy perv wants to see that and do you really want to attract the attention of creepy pervs?  Of course you don’t!

#2 Leggings are not a second skin.  If you can see the color and/ or outline of your underwear through them, or if you have ugly red marks around your waist when you take them off, they are too tight.  There is no shame in going up a size- it will be much more comfy AND flattering!

#3 Not all leggings are created equal.  Just like any other article of clothing, exercise wear is designed for just that.  Running errands or hanging around home in athleisure gear is fine- in fact, most athleisure clothing is exclusively worn for just those activities!   Weraing athleisure to church,  your Christmas party, work (unless you work at a gym), or anywhere else that requires you to look nice is only cute if you are under the age of 12.

So how easy that was??!?!  Now go forth and use your power of comfiness to its fullest!

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