Writing the Next Page?

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We made it!  2020 is in the rear view mirror and good riddance to bad rubbish.

I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions.  Most of them are doomed to fail because they are either too lofty – i.e. the couch potato resolving to go to the gym every day – or too vague – i.e. resolving to something like “save money” or “eat healthy”.

For the past few years I have been wishing to read and write more.   On paper 2020 would have been the ideal time to get that going, but I never had an actual plan so of course it didn’t happen.   Netflix and YouTube and Food Network were easier.

So why am I feeling better about 2021?  A book.

Last fall I decided to apply for my employer’s in house leadership program.  I have no desire to run the company and I was very clear in what my goals are and or not on my application and wondered if that would be a strike against me.  I also knew I was quite a bit older than the majority of my coworkers who would be interested, and I wondered if that would would work against me too.

Well, apparently I was wrong on both counts because I was accepted!  Our first session is the end of January.  I am excited and nervous and working on my homework, which is reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.   Not only am I really taking to the material and doing a lot of self-reflection, but it’s READING.  And it made me remember all the other books I have been meaning to read and so of course now I’ve started 3 other books because why not?

One of my long term goals that I did list on my application was wanting to write a semi-autographical book and/ or collection of short stories about my struggles with mental illness.  To that end, I purchased a simple online class that encourages short writing assignments every week for 52 weeks.  It wasn’t a huge expense, but I am hopeful that the weekly emails will be the nudge I need to get to finally flex the writing muscle a little more (And yes, I do write this blog and I certainly continue to do so, but this is a a different kind of writing).

If you haven’t ever read the 7 Habits book I strongly recommend it.  It’s not just a “how to succeed in business” book like I had expected.  In fact, one of the core tenants is that you are so much more than your job or your ability to make money!

And, wish me luck.  I’m very excited about what 2021 will bring me.  And after 2020 I think I deserve it.

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