Unpopular Opinions Volume 3

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a rant session.  I feel like we need to rectify that. #1 There is nothing more despicable than people who spread medical nonsense.  Cure for cancer hoaxes, anti-vaxxers, the COVID deniers, the list goes on.  There aren’t any upsides to spreading lies and half truths that can – and have- killed people.  The… Read more »

Have it Your Way

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It’s wedding season again! Along with weddings come all the stories of how much they cost.  But Aunt Becky is here to tell you a secret:  Only expensive weddings are expensive. Go back and read that again.  Maybe read it a couple times if you don’t believe it at first. I was recently at a beautiful wedding.  The bride wore… Read more »

National Creativity Day

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Today is the day to celebrate your inner artist, actor, writer, etc.  It’s National Creativity Day! For years I said I wasn’t creative because I am not good at arts and crafts like my sister is.  But being creative is a lot broader than that.  I believe we are all creative in one way or another.  For me, writing is… Read more »

Sweet Dreams?

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A few months back I talked to my doctor because my husband said I was snoring real bad.  I of course couldn’t hear it because I was asleep at the time.   My doctor got me set up with an at home test that involved me scrapping a small electrical box to my chest and having small tubes up both my… Read more »