It Needs Repeating

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Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Yes, I have shared this celebration in past years.  But, the stigma against black cats has not gone away.  Once again, animal welfare organizations have issued warnings to owners of black cats to make sure to keep them indoors in the days leading up to Halloween.  Once again, black cats are the least likely… Read more »

Ada Lovelace Day

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Especially this year, it’s important to honor great women in history.  And today we honor Ada Lovelace. She was the daughter of the poet Lord Byron, but her interests were in the areas of science and math.  Granted, this may be in part because her mother didn’t want her to become a poet and pushed these studies, but Ada excelled… Read more »

Reflections of Portland

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As I mentioned last week, my husband and I recently took a short trip to Portland. When I told people where we were going almost everyone had the same reaction “Are you sure you want to go there? Isn’t is dangerous?”.    A couple folks were worried about travelling in general, but most people were only worried about us going… Read more »

Sight Day

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Our sight is something a lot of us take for granted.  Sure, we might wear glasses or contacts, and yes, we know our prescription is likely to change as we age, but we assume we’ll always have the ability to see. Today we think about those who can’t.  Some were born blind.  Others lose their sight due to illness or… Read more »