A Good Touch

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As I’m writing this I have a dull ache in my neck, shoulders, and uppers arms.  And I’m really happy about that.  Why?  Because I had a wonderful massage yesterday! Getting a massage is one of the easiest things you can do to give yourself some quality “me time”.   You can’t go anywhere, you can’t answer your phone, you can’t… Read more »

I Guess the World Didn’t End Today

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If you are reading this, it means that the sane people were correct. The eclipse came and went without the world ending.   We still have electricity.   Grocery stores are still open and well stocked.  There wasn’t a Rapture.  Martial law was not declared. The lizard people did not show their true form and put a New World Order in place. Of… Read more »

A New Hope

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These are truly strange times we are living in. We have a former President selling Bibles while on trial in multiple states for a laundry list of crimes. We are on the verge of witnessing artificial intelligence turn everything from customer service to the evening news completely upside down. Beyonce made a country album. Bravo Troop 5-15 CAV has a… Read more »

Unclear on the Offensive

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I’m sure you’ve seen this on social media.  It’s usually in giant font and it reads “I saw something online that I was offended by and I just scrolled by” followed by something snarky. There are two possible explanations why someone who share this, and neither are very good. The first is that this person shares things that really are… Read more »