Strange Bedfellows Indeed

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We are 7 months away from a Presidential election.  It looks like our choices will be Trump and Biden.  Again.  Bleh.  Grandpa Sleepy vs. Grandpa Felon.  What a time to be alive. For reasons unknown, Nicki Haley is still technically in the race on the Republican side.  She hasn’t won a state yet, not even her home state of South… Read more »

Don’t Let the Gate Hit You………

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Today we’re going to talk about gatekeeping. We are staying clear of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.  That’s another topic for another day.  I’m talking about the simpler, slightly less hateful kind of gatekeeping usually centered about pop culture opinions. The big one I’m seeing online right now is “Beyonce can’t / shouldn’t release a country album”.   Really?  Why not?  Why… Read more »

My Valentine

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We are a couple days away from Valentine’s Day.  Since it’s on a weekday there will be a steady stream of florist vans pulling up to workplaces all across the nation.  Of course everyone looks to see who’s getting the largest bouquet.  And I can already tell you it won’t be me.  But I’m not sad about that. My husband… Read more »