I’ll Be There in 5 Minutes

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I have a lifelong issue with being on time.  I’m not SUPER late to anything, but I often show up at the very last minute or a couple minutes late.

I am not alone in this.  My entire family has a habit of being late.  My entire dad’s side had dairy cattle and cattle KNOW when you want to be somewhere and act up accordingly.  Nothing makes cows step on their own udders or go into early labor as efficiently as a very important appointment.

Just like the rest of my family, I don’t show up late to anything on purpose.  I have all of the good intentions in the world.  Really and truly I do!  But I am convinced that the universe itself conspires against me just as it has generations of my family and other families like mine.

Just in the last few weeks I have been late to work for the following reasons:

#1 A car accident RIGHT in front of the driveway to my building, blocking the entrance

#2 A train on a track that I have never seen a train on once in the last 15 years.

#3 The person in front of me in line at the gas station using some new app to pay for their gas that this chain just started accepting and no one could figure out how to use.

#4 The person in front of me at the ATM seemingly doing an entire month’s worth of banking.

I can already hear you.  “You should have left home earlier”.   And I admit, there are days when that is true.  But on each of the days above I DID leave home early.  I DID plan ahead.  And then the universe laughed.  Again.  As is the curse of my people.

I urge you to be kind to those of us suffering with this affliction.  We are doing the best we can.  Please forgive us.




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