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Am I qualified to give advice? No matter, sometimes I give it anyway!

National Read a Book Day

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33% of all high school graduates never read another book afterwards. 42% of all college graduates never read another book afterwards. That is not OK people!  Let’s all do better! It’s never been easier to read books with all the smart devises we have, so there’s no excuse to not read!  Most libraries offer free services to check out books,… Read more »

Have it Your Way

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It’s wedding season again! Along with weddings come all the stories of how much they cost.  But Aunt Becky is here to tell you a secret:  Only expensive weddings are expensive. Go back and read that again.  Maybe read it a couple times if you don’t believe it at first. I was recently at a beautiful wedding.  The bride wore… Read more »

National Creativity Day

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Today is the day to celebrate your inner artist, actor, writer, etc.  It’s National Creativity Day! For years I said I wasn’t creative because I am not good at arts and crafts like my sister is.  But being creative is a lot broader than that.  I believe we are all creative in one way or another.  For me, writing is… Read more »

Nametag Day

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Why is there a day for those dumb little paper stickers we all hate at meetings and reunions? It’s not REALLY about the tag, but rather the name itself.  As more and more of our lives are in the cloud, we become less and less connected to the people right in front of us.  Many of us don’t know the… Read more »

Last Call?

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A few years ago my husband Pat chose to stop drinking alcohol.  His reasons for stopping are his own to share, but I can assure you he did not have a drinking problem.  Pat is fine with me having an occasional cocktail.  He is fine with anyone drinking in moderation- he just chooses not to himself. I think most people… Read more »