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Figuring out who I am

I’m Tired

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To put in mildly the weather the last few weeks has been up and down here in north Iowa.   We’ve had blizzard warnings, flood warnings, clear skies with sunshine, and winds from every direction.  Sometimes it felt we had all of them in a 24 hour period. It. Gets. Old. Some will argue this is just what happens every year,… Read more »

It’s Official

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A couple days ago I got a letter from my doctor’s office with the results of my recent blood work.  Along with the normal blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. I got a note that I am now post menopausal.  Last year I was peri menopausal, so this is a change. I thought it was a change I would be happy to… Read more »

Home Alone

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I’m currently in the midst of having the house to myself for about a week- my husband Pat is on a trip to LA with his buddy.  But this isn’t going to be another post about why separate vacations are normal and healthy for couples (although they are both). This is about being alone.  Not lonely, but alone. Yes, I… Read more »

The Mixed Bag

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2022 was one helluva roller coaster.  We have all had a lot of ups and downs. So here’s my high level look back at 2022.  The good, and bad and the ugly. The good: My nephew graduated from high school with honors.  He is now in technical college studying welding. He is an amazing young man and I am so… Read more »

Out of Service

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Some days you just need to curl up in a ball and stay in bed. Today has been one of those days for me. It’s partly physical and partly mental, but either way, I’m not in the headspace to write. Love to all and I’ll be back next week.

I’m Thankful

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We just celebrated Thanksgiving, so everyone is (or at least should) be thinking about everything they have to be thankful for.  It’s been a lot time since I’ve done a thankful list, so I think it’s high time to rectify that! Please note these are in no particular order 🙂 #1 Pat.  My husband is my best friend and my… Read more »