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It’s Called Acting People!

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Lately there has been a lot of hubbub about straight actors playing gay characters, cis actors playing trans characters, etc.  Normally I am all about equal rights and representation of ALL kinds of people, but this one that I think the angry mob has wrong.  I understand the thought behind this reasoning and I know that their hearts are in the… Read more »

Individual Rights Day

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Today isn’t funny, but it’s important.  It’s Individual Rights Day. This holiday is celebrated on August 29th to honor John Locke, a British philosopher who argued for the rights of each of us to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness among others.  Obviously this is something that Americans hold dear, but it should be the case for everyone in… Read more »

Have it Your Way

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It’s wedding season again! Along with weddings come all the stories of how much they cost.  But Aunt Becky is here to tell you a secret:  Only expensive weddings are expensive. Go back and read that again.  Maybe read it a couple times if you don’t believe it at first. I was recently at a beautiful wedding.  The bride wore… Read more »

We’re Going Back!

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By the time you are reading this I will be recovering from my cousin’s wedding.  While this is cause for celebration all by itself, the wedding is taking place in DULUTH!! This wasn’t exactly a shock the wedding is happening in Duluth since the happy couple does live there, but we were all happy to find out for sure that’s… Read more »

National Brothers and Sisters Day

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Today is the day to celebrate your siblings! I have one sister.  She is three years younger than me and almost entirely unlike me in any way.   She’s calm and laid back.  She drives enormous vehicles.  She has children.  Our politics are different.  Our taste in foods differ.  Our taste in entertainment differs. But in spite of all of this,… Read more »