My Valentine

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We are a couple days away from Valentine’s Day.  Since it’s on a weekday there will be a steady stream of florist vans pulling up to workplaces all across the nation.  Of course everyone looks to see who’s getting the largest bouquet.  And I can already tell you it won’t be me.  But I’m not sad about that.

My husband Pat loves me just as much- probably more- than anyone else’s husband / boyfriend/ etc. loves them.  And I love him that much back.  We’ve been married for almost 18 years and it doesn’t feel like it’s been half that.  He makes me laugh every day.  He’s my biggest cheerleader.   He lets me be me.   He gets me.

I’m writing this the day of the Super Bowl.   He got up early on a Sunday to go to a cat show with me.  He says he enjoyed it too, and I know he did, but we stayed a lot longer than he would have liked.  FYI- there are some UGLY cat breeds out there.  Some of them have VERY weird heads.   Then we went to pick up a keyboard that a classmate of his was giving away because he thought I would like it.  Then we went to our favorite BBQ place (Jethro’s) for lunch.  On the way home he told me how much seeing all the purebred cats made him appreciate our three “mutt cats” so much more.  My heart melted.

Yesterday he brought home butterscotch Dilly bars from a local Dairy Queen because they are my favorite.  He doesn’t even like them.

So while yes, I will admit sometimes I get a little jealous when I see a coworker with a dozen long stemmed red roses.  But tonight I will be hanging out with 3 favorite kitties and having Jethro’s wings for supper next to the man who would do anything for me.   And have a Dilly Bar for dessert.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me.


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