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Happy thoughts!

Last Call?

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A few years ago my husband Pat chose to stop drinking alcohol.  His reasons for stopping are his own to share, but I can assure you he did not have a drinking problem.  Pat is fine with me having an occasional cocktail.  He is fine with anyone drinking in moderation- he just chooses not to himself. I think most people… Read more »

Change Your Password Day

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Are you like me?  Do you have, like, 3 passwords that you use for everything even thought EVERYONE tells you it’s a bad idea?  Then today is for you. Please just do it.  Yes, it’s a huge pain in the ass.  Yes, it’s hard to think of new passwords all the time.  But it’s important. So just do it.

People are People

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There are two things I think everyone learned this week. #1 We as a nation CAN still come together.  Everyone was on team Damar Hamlin this week.  Didn’t matter who you voted for, or if you knew anything about football.  Everyone was rooting for that young man to recover. #2 Famous people are people. We look at celebrities- be they… Read more »

Something Old, Something New

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There isn’t any time of year more steeped in tradition than the holiday season.  The vast majority of families have things they do every year.  Maybe it’s a certain meal.  Maybe it’s a specific place they gather to celebrate.  Maybe it’s an event like caroling or volunteering.  These are things that people look forward to every year. My dad’s side… Read more »

I’m Thankful

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We just celebrated Thanksgiving, so everyone is (or at least should) be thinking about everything they have to be thankful for.  It’s been a lot time since I’ve done a thankful list, so I think it’s high time to rectify that! Please note these are in no particular order 🙂 #1 Pat.  My husband is my best friend and my… Read more »