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Happy thoughts!

Introducing Oreo

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This past week my husband and I welcomed a new family member!    Meet Oreo! As you may remember, my husband and I said goodbye to our sweet baby girl Pumpkin last December after a wonderful 16 years together.  In recent months we’ve been talking about adopting another cat on and off, but nothing too concrete.  We had a few… Read more »

National Brothers and Sisters Day

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Today is the day to celebrate your siblings! I have one sister.  She is three years younger than me and almost entirely unlike me in any way.   She’s calm and laid back.  She drives enormous vehicles.  She has children.  Our politics are different.  Our taste in foods differ.  Our taste in entertainment differs. But in spite of all of this,… Read more »

Celebrating Boots

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I’ve been talking/ writing about my dearly departed Pumpkin and the always surprising Lilly (aka Lil’ Miss Mayhem) a lot, but today we are going to talk about my BFF Boots. Last week we marked Boot’s 6th “Gotcha Day”.  For those unfamiliar, Gotcha Day is the day you adopted/ “got” your fur baby and is the alternative for when you… Read more »

All The Love

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There isn’t much better than a good meal shared with good people.  Today I was able to celebrate Easter with my dad’s side of the family including my cousin who lives in Las Vegas and her 5 month old daughter. Granted, the baby had everyone pretty well distracted with her cuteness and newness.  But there wasn’t any little digs taken… Read more »

Cuddly Kitten Day

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You have a cold, cold heart if you don’t appreciate today.  It’s Cuddly Kitten Day! Who doesn’t love a cuddly baby animal?  We’ve all fallen victim to falling down a YouTube or social media rabbit hole of cute babies at least once, right?  Of course you have! In 2021 friends and family of me and my husband enjoyed the escapades… Read more »

Last Call?

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A few years ago my husband Pat chose to stop drinking alcohol.  His reasons for stopping are his own to share, but I can assure you he did not have a drinking problem.  Pat is fine with me having an occasional cocktail.  He is fine with anyone drinking in moderation- he just chooses not to himself. I think most people… Read more »