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Someone’s Got Their Head up Their Butker

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’d heard all the hubbub about Kansas City Chief’s kicker Harrison Butker’s commencement speech at the Benedictine College in Atchinson Kansas. The usual suspects are complaining that he is being criticized for “speaking out about being a Christian”.  Which is, of course, complete and utter crap.  If Butker had given a speech about… Read more »

I Guess the World Didn’t End Today

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If you are reading this, it means that the sane people were correct. The eclipse came and went without the world ending.   We still have electricity.   Grocery stores are still open and well stocked.  There wasn’t a Rapture.  Martial law was not declared. The lizard people did not show their true form and put a New World Order in place. Of… Read more »

Don’t Let the Gate Hit You………

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Today we’re going to talk about gatekeeping. We are staying clear of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.  That’s another topic for another day.  I’m talking about the simpler, slightly less hateful kind of gatekeeping usually centered about pop culture opinions. The big one I’m seeing online right now is “Beyonce can’t / shouldn’t release a country album”.   Really?  Why not?  Why… Read more »

Taylor Made for Controversy

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you know that pop superstar Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelse, a professional football player with the Kansas City Chiefs.  Everything Taylor does is scrutinized 27 ways til Sunday, so of course her dating life is no exception. And since we live in the pro-conspiracy theory age, it… Read more »

You’re Not Getting “Hacked”

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You can’t go a day on the Book of Faces without seeing someone posting that they have been hacked.  It’s so common we don’t even get excited about it anymore.  But these people are all wrong.  No one is hacking your grandmother’s Facebook account. What IS happening is that people are opening themselves up to getting their accounts compromised by… Read more »

Festival of Unmentionable Thoughts

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Today is the day to embrace your dark side- it’s the Festival of Unmentionable Thoughts! Every single one of us has the occasional crazy dark thought.  Wondering what would happen if you swerved into oncoming traffic.  Wondering if you could fake your death and start all over with a new identity.  Wondering what would happen if you rage quit your… Read more »

Elon Way from a Hero

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Some people idolize rock stars.  Some people idolize athletes.  Some people idolize Donald Trump.  And some people idolize Elon Musk. I’ve already written plenty- and probably will write more again down the road- on what a piece of shit Donald Trump is.  But today we’re taking a deeper look at Elon Musk, the sometimes richest man on Earth who has… Read more »