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Why Are You Still Here?

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Do you ever look at something and wonder why they still exist?  Meaning, why haven’t we come up with a better mousetrap, or even worse- we HAVE but people are still using the older, worse version?   I do.  And here are a few of what I find to be the worst offenders. #1 Fax machines.  Seriously, why?  There isn’t any… Read more »

Why Not Indeed

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We all have that friend of family member who frequently posts things from some obscure site no one’s ever heard of with the caption “Why Won’t the Mainstream Media Cover This”? Of course, everyone with an IQ over 12 knows the answer.  Because it’s complete and utter BS.  It’s the invention of a sad person longing to get noticed.   Frequently… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Vote Republican

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November 8th is just around the corner.  Maybe you’re struggling with deciding how to vote.  Lucky you- I’m here to help! Here are a list of reasons to vote Republican: #1 You hate minorities.  You don’t say it out load (usually) but you suspect anyone with a skin tone darker than Sherwin Williams color 7036 (Accessible Beige) is an illegal,… Read more »

I’m Torn About Tua

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At the time I’m writing this I’m anxiously awaiting the return of Tuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa as the starting QB of the Miami Dolphins. Even if you don’t follow football at all you’ve probably heard of Tua.  He is the football player who was carried off the field on a stretcher after lying on the field for what felt like forever with… Read more »

Farewell to the Old Normal

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Outside of political slogans it’s hard to find a more hated phrase than “The New Normal”.  Not only has it been profoundly overused, but people who didn’t (and still don’t) understand anything about medical science used it as an insult against all COVID related measures. Thankfully, things have gotten a lot better since late 2020.  COVID hasn’t gone away, but… Read more »

The Oddest Coupling is the Dumbest

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It’s no secret that Americans are very divided on politics.  I wish I knew how to fix that, but I don’t.  I don’t think anyone does. But now politics are showing up in all kinds of places that politics don’t belong.  Conspiracies and other kinds of crazy talk are popping up in the silliest places imaginable. Some of the dumber… Read more »

Travel Privileges

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Lately I have seen something posted over and over on social media that just drives me nuts.  I do believe that most of the people sharing it don’t intend to be condescending douchebags, but it comes across that way anyway. What is this hated trend? Any version of “Just travel!  You can always make more money later!”   It’s hard to… Read more »