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The Best Time of the Year is Even Better This Year! I Hope.

This weekend is the kickoff of the new NFL season.  FINALLY! I’ve been waiting since February 12th for this! This year I did something new.  You’ve probably heard of the NFL Sunday Ticket- it is a package that allows you legally to view all out of market NFL games from the comfort of your couch.  For 11 years it was… Read more »

National Read a Book Day

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33% of all high school graduates never read another book afterwards. 42% of all college graduates never read another book afterwards. That is not OK people!  Let’s all do better! It’s never been easier to read books with all the smart devises we have, so there’s no excuse to not read!  Most libraries offer free services to check out books,… Read more »

Individual Rights Day

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Today isn’t funny, but it’s important.  It’s Individual Rights Day. This holiday is celebrated on August 29th to honor John Locke, a British philosopher who argued for the rights of each of us to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness among others.  Obviously this is something that Americans hold dear, but it should be the case for everyone in… Read more »

National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

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Today is one day that all cat owners need to be reminded of- it’s Take Your Cat to the Vet Day. Cats are amazing at hiding when they are in pain and/ or don’t feel good.  They can get VERY sick before it’s obvious something is wrong.  That’s why it’s important that your cat makes regular trips to the vet. … Read more »

Tell a Joke Day

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Today is time to make your friends laugh- it’s Tell a Joke day! There are all kinds of jokes.  Dad jokes, knock knock jokes, wordplay / pun based jokes, practical jokes, riddles, the list goes on.  No matter how bad you are at telling jokes there has to be at least one you can tell.  And today is the day… Read more »