Why Not Indeed

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We all have that friend of family member who frequently posts things from some obscure site no one’s ever heard of with the caption “Why Won’t the Mainstream Media Cover This”? Of course, everyone with an IQ over 12 knows the answer.  Because it’s complete and utter BS.  It’s the invention of a sad person longing to get noticed.   Frequently… Read more »

Spouse’s Day

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Today is Spouse’s Day! It’s easy to start to take your spouse for granted after you’ve been together for a long time.  They’ve just always been there. Everyone wants to feel wanted and appreciated. You do, so of course your spouse does too. You don’t have to make a grand gesture today.  Maybe you just tell them something you love… Read more »

Home Alone

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I’m currently in the midst of having the house to myself for about a week- my husband Pat is on a trip to LA with his buddy.  But this isn’t going to be another post about why separate vacations are normal and healthy for couples (although they are both). This is about being alone.  Not lonely, but alone. Yes, I… Read more »

People are People

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There are two things I think everyone learned this week. #1 We as a nation CAN still come together.  Everyone was on team Damar Hamlin this week.  Didn’t matter who you voted for, or if you knew anything about football.  Everyone was rooting for that young man to recover. #2 Famous people are people. We look at celebrities- be they… Read more »