Olympic Fever for all!

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Yes, it’s true.  I have Olympic fever.   Over the last 9 days I’ve watched handball, table tennis, badminton, water polo, synchronized diving, fencing, beach and indoor volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, cycling,  sprint races and shot put.  NONE of these are sports I ever watch outside of the Olympics.  Two weeks ago I didn’t even know handball existed.  But there’s just… Read more »


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“What do you do for fun?”   “What are your hobbies?” We all get asked that from time to time.  It’s a common question when meeting someone for the first time.  It can come up at a job interview.  People seem to be especially curious how I spend my time when they find out my child is a black cat… Read more »

The promise of the PANK

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More and more lately it’s tempting to just stay off the internet entirely.  Facebook posts turn into political arguments.  If your email inbox isn’t full of spam or bill reminders it’s its full of urban legends still being circulated by older family members years after being debunked.  The internet was supposed to be this amazing place for learning and connecting, not… Read more »

Vegas for Grownups

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Because I’m old, I’m still recovering from the trip my husband and I took 2 weeks ago to Vegas.  It was an amazing trip and lots of people have asked what was the best part.  That is a really hard question to answer because there were so many highlights! However, since so many people have asked, I’ve decided that I… Read more »

My Addiction

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Yes, it’s true.  I did develop a “habit” while I was in Vegas that I need to feed even now when I’m back home.  My husband is stunned, as is most anyone who knows me when they hear about my strange new cravings. I’m addicted to Fiji water. I’ve become obsessed with it.  I’ve liked them on Facebook and I’m… Read more »

The best day yet

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Today is Daiquiri Day! This heavenly frozen beverage was invented in the village of Daiquiri Cuba as a way to boost morale and productivity for miners during the long, hot Cuban summers sometime in the early 1900’s by a clearly very smart man named Jennings Cox. Cox’s original recipe only contained lime juice, sugar, rum and ice, but of course… Read more »