Why I hate winter 2010- a short story

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Generally I am the last person to complain about winter weather. My response usually is “If you don’t like it, move”. But this winter has worn me down by its constant storming and seemingly endless amounts of snowfall and all the trials and tribulations that go along with that.

To illustrate here the the past day of my life in a nutshell. While this is all factual from the 8th and 9th of February there have been countless other days in the past couple months that went very much like this as well:

Monday, 10am. I am at work. It starts snowing. I check a weather website and find out that my area is in a winter storm warning until 6pm Tuesday. Joy.
Monday, Noon. I leave my office to get some lunch and also have an accident due to very slippery roads. And it’s snowing HARD.
Monday, 12:30pm. I get back to work in one piece and after calling my husband decide that I am going to leave work early due to the weather.
Monday, 1;30pm. Leave the office and head for home. Immediately wish I had left earlier.
Monday, 2;45pm. I get home. My usual 34-40 minute drive took over an hour but I am HOME! I make a quick trip to the local grocery store and then to my house where I plan to settle in for the night.
Monday, 4:45pm. I realize I forgot one item and decide to go back to the grocery store to get it.
Monday, 4:46pm. Get stuck in my own driveway.
Monday, 5:15pm. Finally get my car out of the driveway with a combination of shoveling, swearing, and half a tub of cat litter.
Monday, 5:20pm. Discover that the grocery store is out of the one item I came to get. Manage to not swear out loud while in the store.
Monday, 7pm. Listen to my mother describe her trip to my grandfather’s house earlier that day involving her driving a van while my father walks in front of it to find the road for her. Wow.
Monday, 10pm. Local schools are already closed for tomorrow. I head to be not knowing what the morning will bring.
Tuesday, 6:15am. Get up and look outside. Does not look too bad. Check out road condition website and it looks bad but not awful so I decide to get ready for work.
Tuesday, 6:50am. Head out to my car.
Tuesday, 6:55am. Finish brushing off my car.
Tuesday, 7:10am. Finally get out of my driveway after my husband comes out and gets me un-stuck. Almost side-swipe his car in the process.
Tuesday, 7:15am. Am 1 mile from home and seriously consider pulling over but since I cannot tell exactly where the road ends and where the ditch begins am afraid to do so.
Tuesday, 7:35am. Finally reach a safe place to stop. I call my boss and tell her I am going back home. I have made it 9 miles in 20 minutes.
Tuesday, 8am. Get back home. Help my husband get his car out of the driveway and then shovel the front steps
Tuesday, 12pm. Look outside, sidewalk and front steps are covered in snow again.

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