I’m All In

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Some people associate fall with road trips to view changing leaves.

Some people associate fall with kids going back to school.

Some people associate fall with the harvest.

I associate fall with football.

I am a huge Miami Dolphins fan.  I honestly don’t really remember exactly how my love of this team came to be, but I believe it was started by Dan Marino being very famous when I was a kid.

Alas, for the majority of the time I’ve been a fan, the Dolphins have stunk.  As in rarely making the playoffs (and losing in the first round when they do), struggling to even have winning seasons, having a new QB and/ or head coach every other year stink.  As in “Why on earth are you a fan of THEM” stink.

But for better or worse, they are my team.  I’ve loved them almost as long as I have loved Jon Bon Jovi, so there’s no turning back now.  My license plates on my car proclaim my love.  The name of my fantasy football team is the Teal Tornados.  Four years ago I spend a stupid amount of money to go watch the Dolphins play the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota and I wore my Zach Thomas jersey with pride into US Bank Stadium.   I stuck with them the season they went 1 and 15.  I’m all in.

You can make fun of me if you want.  You can spout hours worth of stats showing just how awful the Dolphins have been for the last 30 years.  I will take it all with (mostly) good grace.   I know it’s just a game, but I’m going to enjoy the everloving crap out of it, rooting for my Dolphins all the way.


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