National Popcorn Day

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Today is a very yummy day- it’s National Popcorn Day!

Sometimes my folks will have popcorn for a light supper.  I do that once in a while myself if I’m home alone.  It’s more filling than you think and has a lot of fiber in it.  AND it’s dirt cheap even WITH a lot of butter on it.

Classic butter and salt is the most popular flavor, but it’s hard to top a good cheese or caramel version.  I hear ranch seasoning is good on popcorn too, but my dislike of ranch has precluded me from trying it.

Of course, there is nothing quite like movie theater popcorn.  Some movie theaters offer specials on National Popcorn day- check with the theaters in your area to see if they are participating!

No matter what your favorite- get crunching today!


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