One of my Favorite Days!

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Some of my favorite days include the day Daylight Saving time ends, the first day of the NFL season, and Christmas.

But today has become another one close to my heart.  Today is Plan a Solo Vacation Day.

It doesn’t matter how much you love someone or how much well you get along with someone else.  No two people agree on everything 100% of the time.  If there is someone in your life who you think agrees with you all the time they are lying to you, and you need to ask yourself why they feel the need to do that.

That is one of the biggest advantages of solo trips.  You can get up when you want, eat what/ when you want, and go to bed when you want.  You can decide the shitcan the plans you made 2 weeks ago and do something else at the drop of a hat without having to justify your decision or worrying about upsetting anyone.

Other advantages include often being able to score better seats to shows and restaurants when you only need one seat, more flexibility if you are flying or using some other transportation that’s not your own car, and time to finally read that book you’ve been taking on every trip for the last 3 years and haven’t read yet.

I really and truly encourage everyone to travel solo at least once.  You might be surprised how much you enjoy it too.


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