I’m Tired

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To put in mildly the weather the last few weeks has been up and down here in north Iowa.   We’ve had blizzard warnings, flood warnings, clear skies with sunshine, and winds from every direction.  Sometimes it felt we had all of them in a 24 hour period.

It. Gets. Old.

Some will argue this is just what happens every year, and there is a good deal of truth to that.  But this year seems especially cruel.  Maybe it’s because of current events.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older.  Maybe it’s because of all I’ve been dealing with personally.  Regardless, I am having a hard time slogging through March.

I have a lot to look forward to in coming months.  My nephew is graduating from college.  My cousin is getting married.  My husband and I will be celebrating 17 years of marriage. My community concert band has a great concert coming up.

I just have to get there.  Sigh.


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