That’s My Card

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My husband go out to eat a lot. Probably more than we should, but that’s another topic for another day.

Between the two of us we have quite a few bank accounts.  Some of them are joint accounts and some are not (this is important).  So, there are quite a few different options when it comes time to pay for our meal.  Sometimes Pat pulls out a card to pay, but quite frequently I do.  Yet almost EVERY time, when the waitstaff come back with the card, regardless of where on the table I laid my card, they lay the card and receipt down on his side of the table.  This really pisses me off.

One, it means they didn’t look at the card at all.  I don’t expect an FBI level investigation into make sure the card wasn’t stolen or anything, but even a quick glance at the card and you’d see it says Rebecca, which is universally used as a woman’s name only.  I don’t have a name like Robin or Dakota or Bailey that is gender neutral and could potentially confuse someone in a hurry.

Two, it’s 2023.  Why are we still assuming the man is always paying?  30% of married women make more than their husbands.  About that same ratio likely applies to dating couples too, in case the waitstaff hasn’t noticed my husband and I are both wearing wedding rings.  I make my own money thank you very much and sometimes yeah, I pay for dinner.  OR, I’m using one of our joint accounts to pay.  But it doesn’t matter why –  I am paying for dinner.  Period.

I know being a server is a shitty job.  I did it for 6 long and miserable months many years ago.  I do understand food coming out slow is not the waitstaffs’ fault.  I know that at least half the time getting the wrong food isn’t the server’s fault.  I understand that servers have no control over the restaurant running out of my favorite food.  I know the waitstaff cannot do anything about the obnoxious children at the next table.


It takes half a second to read the name on a credit card.  There isn’t any reason why you can’t do that.  I chose to eat at your workplace.  The very least you can do is figure out who to thank.

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