ISO Pods!

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Don’t worry- I’m not going to eat them!

Last winter my car was in the shop for a few weeks and I was without my SiriusXM radio.  During that time I discovered a couple podcasts that I’m still enjoying now.

One of them is called Ear Biscuits – the podcast from the makers of the YouTube show Good Mythical Moring, Rhett and Link.  They talk about their backgrounds, their families, and whatever is on their minds.  It’s a fun companion piece to their show, but I think you could enjoy it even without being a fan of the show like I am.

The other one is Everyone Everywhere Daily.  This is an amazing general knowledge channel that has the widest range of topics you can fathom broken down into fun 10 to 15 minutes chunks.  Recent topics include: The International Space Station, The Domestication of Cats, Cinco de Mayo, the Aral Sea, and the History of Coffee.

There is a third podcast I listen to, but it’s a specialized one.  Sleep Cove is used to help you fall to sleep.  I don’t know what it is about that man’s voice, but if you have trouble falling asleep, I can’t recommend this one enough.

So those are the podcasts I’m into.  What are you listening to?

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