Sweet Dreams?

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A few months back I talked to my doctor because my husband said I was snoring real bad.  I of course couldn’t hear it because I was asleep at the time.   My doctor got me set up with an at home test that involved me scrapping a small electrical box to my chest and having small tubes up both my nostrils.  I was fine doing this because I just wanted to prove to Pat that I didn’t have sleep apnea.


The at home test was “inconclusive”.  So then I got set up to do a full fledged sleep study at my local hospital.  I am still convinced this is a waste of time, but I go anyway.


Long story short, last week my CPAP machine came in.  Which means of course that yes, I do have sleep apnea after all.  Bleh.  I don’t have a really bad case, but I had enough “instances” per hour that CPAP therapy was prescribed.

So much for my brilliant plan to show Pat I don’t have sleep apnea.

The first few nights have been a struggle- it’s hard to fall asleep with a hunk of plastic stuck to your face.  AND, Boots hates it because hair comes out in two places- she doesn’t like drafts on her- so she hasn’t been sleeping with me.  This makes be very sad.

But, I’m a good little patient so I’m sticking it out.  I’m told it can take weeks- even months- to get used to CPAP.  But everyone I know who has one says it changed their life, so I hope I get to that part soon.

If you have a CPAP how long did it take you to adjust?  When did you start seeing/ feeling results?


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