The Best Time of the Year is Even Better This Year! I Hope.

This weekend is the kickoff of the new NFL season.  FINALLY! I’ve been waiting since February 12th for this!

This year I did something new.  You’ve probably heard of the NFL Sunday Ticket- it is a package that allows you legally to view all out of market NFL games from the comfort of your couch.  For 11 years it was exclusive to DirecTV, but their new deal is with YouTubeTV.   Since I have- and love – YouTubeTV this means I can finally get it!  Is it cheap?  No.  Is it worth it?  Time will tell, but I am VERY excited about it right now.  If the Miami Dolphins and the  Minnesota Vikings both suck this year I may be kicking myself.

“Wait- Vikings?” you may be asking yourself. “Don’t you get those games already?”  You’d think so, but you would be WRONG.  Because I live one county too far south here in Iowa I’m in a different FCC region, so the Vikings are not the local team for me.  I’m not sure who exactly the local team IS, but I can tell you the last few years I’ve seen far too many Bears and Packers games than anyone from Minnesota should have to suffer through.  And I think I was averaging 1 Dolphins game per year.

So hopes are high here at Casa Palmer.  I would love to see a Vikings/ Dolphins Super Bowl.  I say that every year.  Hasn’t happened yet, but it’s week one- everyone’s got a chance!

Except for the Jets.  Screw the Jets.

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