Strange Bedfellows Indeed

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We are 7 months away from a Presidential election.  It looks like our choices will be Trump and Biden.  Again.  Bleh.  Grandpa Sleepy vs. Grandpa Felon.  What a time to be alive.

For reasons unknown, Nicki Haley is still technically in the race on the Republican side.  She hasn’t won a state yet, not even her home state of South Carolina.  Barring Trump actually being behind bars- and maybe not even then – I don’t see Haley being the nominee.

But I do find her interesting.  And even more shocking, there are some things she’s said that I actually agree with!

I agree with her 100% that we need term limits and age limits for Congress.  Here in Iowa we have Chuck Grassley.   He is 90 years ago and has been in the Senate since 1981.  That is WAY too long.  The average age of the Senate is 64.  The average age of Americans?  38.  How is this representation of the people?  It’s representation of our grandparents.  Think about how out of touch they are on, well, just about everything.   We need new blood to address the challenges of today, not the challenges from 40 years ago.

Haley is in favor of supporting the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.  She understands that if Putin won’t stop if the world just decides to give him Ukraine.  He has been very vocal about putting the old USSR back together.  No one in any nation on Earth should want that.

Haley supports limiting Medicare for very wealthy retirees.  I’ve always wondered why millionaires need Medicare.  It seems like a waste of money to me.

Of course, Haley has said a lot of things I don’t agree with either.   Most notably her position on women’s reproductive rights- although she IS more reasonable than many other Republicans on that topic- and her comments that America “has never been racist”.  How someone from South Carolina- the first state to secede from the Union because they wanted to keep black people as slaves- can say that is beyond me.  It also directly contracts her own accounts of being bullied as a child for being Sikh and having an ethnic name.

I am choosing to see the positive here.  Here is someone “across the aisle’ from me in many ways with whom I can see clear common ground.   I choose to be hopeful this won’t be the last time.

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