Shop Til I Drop

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With a VERY few exceptions I hate shopping.

I don’t mind grocery shopping and I’ll never turn down a trip to Ulta.  But after that it tapers off pretty quickly.

I don’t like shoe shopping.  I have super high arches, so many slip on shoes and boots don’t fit me at all.  I wear a size 9 1/2, which is big.  Shoes that look cute in a size 6 look wildly different – and usually a lot less cute- in my size.  I can’t wear anything with high heels because I will break my ankle.   And I’m 52, so I’m not wearing anything that looks like it’s made for teens or grandmothers.

I REALLY hate shopping for clothes.  There aren’t many stores where I can find things that fit me being 6 feet tall and being a size 16.  Never mind anything that I want to wear in the first place!  And again, I’m 52 so I’m not wearing anything made for a kid nor am I wearing anything from the senior citizen collection- i.e. polyester pants with matching applique sweatshirts.  So, that means I’m getting most of my clothes online, which comes with its own unique set of challenges.

So I’m asking for help.  Where do middle aged women get clothes?  I’m about ready to tear my hair out over here!  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

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