National Dimples Day

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Are you in the approximately 25% of people who have fovea buccalis?  Don’t worry if you do- it’s not a bad thing!  That is just the medical term for dimples!

Dimples are actually a birth defect!  They are caused when the zygomaticus major facial muscle in your cheek doesn’t form properly in utero.  There are two sets of muscle tissue bundles that are supposed to fuse into one piece, but in some people they don’t.  That separation in the muscle is visible when you smile because a little of your skin sinks into that opening and that’s the dimple. Some people only have one but for unknown reasons two are more common.  They are more common in certain regions of the world than others, but again no one really knows why.

I take my dimples for granted and I’m always surprised when someone compliments them.  Now that I know how rare they are I will try to appreciate them more and if you have dimples I suggest you do the same!


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