What really matters

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I’m in a rather somber mood today.  I’ve just come home from a visitation for a 27 year old woman who was killed in a car accident caused by icy roads.    Even though we live in a digital world, hundreds of people were waiting 2 hours plus to personally greet Amy’s family and offer their condolences.   So, let’s… Read more »

The one where I lose people Part Two

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In previous posts I’ve spoken in defense of Christianity, Conservatives, and men in general.  I still believe everything I said in those posts- I still consider myself a Christian and a political moderate and I still love men. That being said, the following are facts that, in the year 2015, NO ONE, regardless of gender, religion, or political affiliation should… Read more »

Mental Vortex

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My brain is all over the place even more so than normal, so it’s time for another “rapid fire” blog round. #1  We are in the midst of engagement season.  While that makes me happy, it saddens me that there’s so much pressure on couples to have the “perfect” wedding, which usually means spending WAY too much money and creating… Read more »

Still Can’t See the Forest For the Trees Can We?

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I am continually amazed by the failure of people around me to grasp what’s important.  And it gets really depressing sometimes.  Here are a few recent examples that really get my goat. Exhibit A:     The obscene amount of debt couples are willing to take on to have flaunt the biggest engagement ring on the block, the “wedding of… Read more »

I’m in a Mood

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It’s time for another rapid fire round, so slap on a helmet and come along for the ride.  I’m in a mood, so I expect I’ll offend/ irritate/ anger most everyone reading this by the time I get to the end. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Someone needs to explain to me in small words why President Obama wanting to pull… Read more »

The Big Cover Up

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“He can’t see the forest for the trees”.   We are all familiar with this expression.  We’ve probably all used it- I’ve personally used it more than once to describe my own well-meaning yet overly cautious mother.  What worries me right now is that it seems like everyone around me in the USA has fallen into this trap and up… Read more »