Keeping the Faith

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I spent all day yesterday at an old-fashioned church festival that is put on every year by the church much of my family attends and that I attended as a child. The music for this festival provided by a band. Many decades ago this church had an actual organized band but what we call “the band” these days can best… Read more »

Green vs Green

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This spring the air conditioning in my car went out. I’ve been without it- and complaining about it- ever since. A couple weeks ago I mentioned to my husband that my gas milage had gotten better. recently I drive about 60 miles road trip to and from work every day and I was getting another 30 miles or so out… Read more »

Cat hair and corn

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What do cat hair and corn have in common? I seem to be surrounded by them at all times. I share my home with my husband and 2 black cats. One of these cats loves me and the other hates me but that’s a story for another day. They seem to shed all year round (the cats that is) and… Read more »