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Thanksgiving is Back! A Little Bit.

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A few years ago (in 2016 to be exact)  I wrote about the death of Thanksgiving as a holiday   When I wrote that more and more stores were opening up on Thanksgiving and I thought – as many others did- that in a few years time Thanksgiving would be no more of a holiday than Arbor Day. I’m happy… Read more »

That’s Obsolete?!?

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It’s said that the only thing in this world that is constant is change.   Technology advances seemingly at the speed of light, rendering things that were cutting edge just a few years ago obsolete now. Along with things becoming obsolete, skills do too.   No one needs to know how to operate a telephone switchboard or send a telegraph anymore.  No… Read more »

Iceland on the Horizon

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I’ve written quite a bit about the joys of solo travel – yes, even for married folks.  I think it’s unhealthy to think you can’t go anywhere alone, but that’s another topic for another day. Today I’m talking about a trip that my husband and I will be taking together.  We’ve decided that in 2026 to celebrate our 20th anniversary… Read more »