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International Day of Tolerance

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Today should be a no brainer, but alas, for too many it is not.  Today is International Day of Tolerance. Our planet- and our nation- are home to thousands of different cultures/ ethnicities/ skin tones.  Today we celebrate our differences and honor everyone’s right as a human being to dress, love, worship and live as they see fit.  Today we… Read more »

No Apples Here

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A few days ago I got a new cell phone.  I’d had my previous one for 3 or 4 years- which is insanely long and a personal record for me I’m sure. I got a Motorola Edge.  I picked it after doing a significant amount of research because of its high ratings in battery life specifically, but it also got… Read more »

Farewell to the Old Normal

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Outside of political slogans it’s hard to find a more hated phrase than “The New Normal”.  Not only has it been profoundly overused, but people who didn’t (and still don’t) understand anything about medical science used it as an insult against all COVID related measures. Thankfully, things have gotten a lot better since late 2020.  COVID hasn’t gone away, but… Read more »

10 Even More Things You Probably Don’t Know about Me

Today is the third in a series (for lack of a better term) of things you probably don’t know about me!  And sure, someone reading this will probably know most of these, but don’t spoil the fun! #1 I hate both heat indexes and wind chills.  They are both imaginary numbers.  They don’t mean anything.  If someone asks you the… Read more »