A new view of an old tradition

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One of my very favorite blog posts I’ve ever written was the one of my very first ones that I wrote 3 years ago about my childhood church’s annual summer Mission Festival, held in my uncle’s pasture, or as it’s called for one day a year, The Marquardt Grove.

The 2012 installment just took place last Sunday and we had a photojournalist there to document it.  Her name is Audrey Klester Hebling and she did an amazing job of capturing not only the event itself, but my family’s unique and very strong ties to the event.  It was very gratifying to see that the special nature of this tradition is so evident to “an outsider” and makes me wish I was a better photographer AND a better blogger.

She’s posted two entries on her blog so far and has promised at least one more, so please go check her out at http://mnprairieroots.wordpress.com/ Her other work is amazing as well, but of course I’m partial to her comments and observations on the Freedom Mission Festival.  She helped me see something I’ve seen my entire life in a little different, and I think better, way.

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