Cats are Smart?

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I have come to the conclusion that I attract dumb cats.


I grew up on the farm with lots of “barn cats”. The first one I recall playing with as a child was no genius- I named her “Run Around In Circles” after her favorite- and apparently only- pastime. When I was older we had a cat named Penelope who would sit on the ground and try to leap into the air to catch birds for hours on end and one named Bon Jovi (yes I named her) who would rountinely get stepped on by cows because she couldn’t figure out how to get out of their way. At the time I chalked this up to in-breeding.

My first “real” pet cat was a very large tabby cat named Buddy. He was a sweet, loving cat who my vet called “the dumbest cat I’ve ever seen” . For the record, hi didn’t really mean it in a mean way- it was just a statement of fact. I once tried a popular dog intelligence test on Buddy- tossing a blanket on him to see how long it would take him to figure out how to get out. After spending about 3 seconds trying to get out he curled up and took a nap.

I now have a sweet, loving cat named Pumpkin. She has a very small head and apparently there is a reason for that. I call her the “50 First Dates” cat because she walks around with this constant look of surprise in spite of the fact that she’s lived with us for 3 years.

I wouldn’t trade “my babies” for the world. They make me smile every day. But maybe someday I can get one who could find their way out of a wet paper sack!

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