Let There Be Music. Or Not

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There are very few things that I can truly say I’ve set my mind to that I did not achieve. Generally when I don’t accomplish something it’s because I didn’t really give it my all and/ or gave up when I got frustrated with my progress. Learning Spanish and yoga are two examples of things that I didn’t stay with… Read more »

I’m Not Dead

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I am still having blog block. It is very frustrating! I don’t know why all of a sudden my brain is not working in this way but hopefully I will get back on track blogging soon!

Heart and Soul

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As of late I have been plagued with blog block. I would come up with a really catchy title and nothing much to go with it, or, more commonly, I would read one or more of the blogs I follow and hope for some sort of inspiration from them. That didn’t happen.   But, as it always does, life happens… Read more »


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I was sitting in a fast food restaurant today minding my own business and trying to figure out how to do something on my Droid (which has become my new hobby). 3 people who appeared to be in the 18-23 age group were at a table next to mine and one of them happened to notice my new toy. She… Read more »

Act Your Age!

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I take quite a bit of pride in not looking my age (I’m 38). I am partly blessed with good genes in that area- my mom doesn’t look her age and my grandmother didn’t either. The fact that I am “big boned” helps keep wrinkles at bay as well. But I do have a cluttered bathroom and shower full of… Read more »

Can I Be Happy Now?

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This question is more than just the title of the song Bon Jovi opened their April 7th show in St. Paul with. It’s a question that I am posing to the world. All around me there are lots of bad things going on. People I care about are fighting cancer and other serious illnesses. My sister has been trying to… Read more »