Look A Like Day

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Today’s holiday gives me a bit of a chuckle.

I don’t look like anyone in my family.  When I was younger, one aunt and I looked quite a bit alike, but we don’t anymore.  I look absolutely nothing like my sister.

So I find it pretty funny when people tell me they know/ saw someone who looks “just like me” and they ask if it’s my sister.  Because it never is.  In fact, it’s never even been anyone I’ve heard of.

At various times I’ve been told I have a look alike who was a yoga instructor in Mankato, an elementary teacher in southwest Minnesota, a vet tech in British Columbia, and a pharma sales rep in the Chicago area, among others.  And no, my sister does not live in any of those places or have any of those occupations.

I guess it’s true we all have a doppleganger.  Just know if you see mine, it’s not my sister 🙂

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