The Kids in Iowa are Alright

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For some reason lately I’ve heard a lot of “It’s probably the first time a kid from Iowa saw (insert marginal / alternative/ unusual thing here)” OR “what would a kid in Iowa think of (insert same things here)”.

Why is it always Iowa?  Why not Kansas or Missouri or any state south of the Mason DIxon line?  Why is Iowa the go-to for “small town hick”?

Sure, we do have the second largest number of unincorporated towns (Texas is first) in the US.  And sure, we are kind of in the middle of the country if you don’t understand geography very well.   And alas, we do have the public embarrassment that is Steve King spouting off racist or just generally ignorant things on a routine basis to the national media.

However, we do have our shit together here for the most part.  Iowa was one of the first states to grant marriage equality.  Iowa was one of the first states to allow married women to own property in their own names.  Iowa was one of the first states to decriminalize interracial marriage.   Iowa has a long and proud history of being on the right side of history.

So if you want to pick some kids to be shocked by seeing folks online who don’t look or act like the Cleavers you’re going to have to keep looking.   If you’re looking for kids who are shocked by people of all races, religions, sexual orientation, etc.  being treated equally you’ll just have to look somewhere else.   We’re better than that here.

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