World Alzheimer’s Day

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While I normally make these “unusual holiday” posts lighthearted and perhaps even humorous,  today we take a moment to the devastating disease that is Alzheimer’s.

Most of us know someone who have or had some form of this condition.  For me it’s very personal because there is a significant history in both my mother’s and my father’s families.  Because I’m, well, ME, I make jokes about being in “the home” and not knowing who my sister is (this is funnier if you know that my sister and I look nothing at all alike).  But I do have moments when I worry about if this disease will affect me and/ or others in my family.

Lots of people have tried to tell me that “there will be a cure by the time I’m that age”.  Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen.  But that is little comfort for the folks already dealing with this condition in a loved one. so take a moment today to remember those people.

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