Being There For You

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I love music.

Granted, I don’t think there are many people who would say that they don’t like music. But I really love music. I love playing music, I love listening to music and I even love karaoke.

But my favorite thing about music is how it can affect you. I experienced just last night how the right music can help you get in that extra 10 minutes of exercise in. We have all had the experience of hearing a song you haven’t heard in ages and being instantly taken back to a specific place in our lives. That happened to me yesterday as well.

Believe it or not, there are actually Bon Jovi songs I don’t love. “I’ll Be There for You” has been one of them for 20 plus years. In Jon and Ritchie’s defence my feelings about this ballad have nothing to do with the words or tune of the song itself but the fact that I have had bad memories of an ex boyfriend attached to it. On my way home from work yesterday this song came up on my Sirius radio 80’s channel. For maybe the first time ever I left it on and didn’t look for something else to listen to 3 chords in. And yes, I instantly went back to being that high school junior who ran into her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend and all the drama that went along with that moment. But going back to that place wasn’t as bad as it used to be and certainly not as bad as I remembered it to be. And I actually had a smile on my face when the song wound down.

I am going to see Bon Jovi in concert (for the ninth or tenth time- I’ve lost track) in April. I haven’t heard “I’ll Be There for You” live since 1993. I have always been glad about that in the past but this time I kind of hope they dust it off for us.

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