Addicted to that. Really?

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This past week Tiger Woods joined a long list of celebrities who have checked into some kind of treatment center for “sex addiction”. Now I understand alcohol and drug addiction, food addiction and maybe even shopping addiction. But sex addiction???? That is really straining the limits of what I can consider an illness.
First off, who doesn’t like sex? Isn’t this pretty much a universally enjoyed activity? What’s next? Driving with the sunroof open addiction? Scratching an itch addiction? Sleep addiction?
Second, why is it only rich and famous people who have this “disease”? Why is it that Tiger Woods is an addict but Joe Blow from Smalltown USA is just a jerk who cheated on his wife? Why is it that no one I know (and I bet no one you know either) have had to check into your local rehab center for this affliction?
Third, why is it only men who have this condition? Have you ever seen a woman admit to having this during some teary press conference? I have not.
It boggles my mind that we have come so far as a people that we can call cheating on your spouse a disease. Perhaps my inability to whistle is a disease too. I better see if there is some kind of treatment center I should check into.

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