Ups and Downs of Furry Love

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I love my cats. I have my Pumpkin girl curled up in my lap while I type tonight. She spends a lot of time on my lap when I am in this recliner. Usually she purrs, sometimes she falls asleep and snores the cutest little snore imaginable. Right now she is purring and I suspect snoring is not far off.


Tonight I am feeling especially fortunate to have my baby girl with me. I work with a woman who is struggling with the decision whether or not to put her aging pet to sleep after finding out about his significant health issues. Sadly, this is a situation I have been in myself as has every other pet owner out there. I found myself tearing up several times today thinking about cats I have loved and lost and the one I have in my lap right now who is someday also going to get old.


So why have pets at all? I have been asked that and the simple answer is that they make life so much better! Yes, it is very sad when they develop an illness or reach an age where they are no longer enjoying a good quality of life and the most compassionate thing you can do is end their time with you. But there is really no comparison to the joy of having a purring kitty in your lap (or if you prefer insert a dog happy thought here).


SO go hug you pet right now! And if you don’t have one I suggest you consider adding the joy of a pet to your life. Numerous studies have shown they are good for your physical health as well as your emotional well being. But you didn’t have to tell me or Pumpkin that- we already knew.

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