Cuddly Kitten Day

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You have a cold, cold heart if you don’t appreciate today.  It’s Cuddly Kitten Day!

Who doesn’t love a cuddly baby animal?  We’ve all fallen victim to falling down a YouTube or social media rabbit hole of cute babies at least once, right?  Of course you have!

In 2021 friends and family of me and my husband enjoyed the escapades of Lilly’s babies- AKA Black Kitty, Grey Kitty, and Striped Kitty- almost daily on Facebook for 9 weeks.  I don’t think he’s ever posted anything that got more views, likes and random comments at the gas station than those funny little fuzzbutts.  Almost two years later people still ask for updates!  THAT is the power of cute cuddly kittens!

Why are you still reading this?  Go find some cute kitty videos right now!


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