The Power to Unite Us All

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There are days when I don’t think there is any way we can come back together as a nation.  When COVID didn’t do it I thought nothing could.  But I was wrong.

Turns out there still is one thing everyone can get behind regardless of who they voted for or how they feel about vaccines.  And that one thing is the NCAA tournament.

People who have never watched a college basketball game in their lives will pony up a few bucks to pick the winners of 63 basketball games in the office pool.  There are all kinds of strategies for folks who aren’t big followers of college hoops- team mascots, team uniform colors, alphabetically, you name it.  And since there are always big upsets, using one of those strategies makes you no less likely to win than a big basketball fan. it doesn’t matter your age.  It doesn’t matter your orientation.  It doesn’t matter if you are the janitor or the CEO.  Everyone is on equal footing.

I don’t know how we harness that power beyond March Madness.  But I know that if we could our nation would be a better place for everyone.

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