Rediscovering the Library

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A couple weeks ago I did something I hadn’t done in a long time- I went to my local library.  I got myself a library card and checked out a couple books right away.  I’ve already returned those and got 3 more!

It was important to me to get back to this now for a couple reasons.

#1 Libraries are under fire from the right like they have not been in many many years.  I wanted to add myself to the number of people who can say “Yes I support and USE the library!”  “I have the right to read anything I damn well please and so does every other American!”

#2  I need more books and less screens in my life.  I used to read a ton.  I don’t really know how I got away from it, but I realized recently that I miss it.   So I’m bringing it back.  And it’s been really lovely.

Libraries in general are lovely!  I had forgotten the endless promise of all the things there are to read and to learn and to enjoy.  I had forgotten the quiet thrill of wandering through the stacks.  Sure, I have a list of books I want to read, but there is nothing like something catching your eye you weren’t expecting.  I did not go looking for an autobiography of Julia Child, but it’s sitting on my bedside table right now.

So I ask you- when was the last time you went to your local library?  If it’s been a while, I cannot encourage you enough to go back, or go for the first time.  You won’t regret it


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