National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

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Today is celebrated every day here at Casa Palmer- it’s adopt a shelter pet day!

While Lilly came from the mean streets of Hampton, both our other cats came to us via a shelter.  Yes it’s true that we got Boots from a friend, but she got her from a shelter.  And of course Oreo was from a shelter and so was Pumpkin.

It’s almost “kitten season” which means shelters across America will be overrun with new baby kitties.  But there are also plenty of older cats who need good homes too and some homes are better suited to an adult cat vs. a kitten.  And you are a dog person, there are tons of great pups looking for their forever homes near you too!

Also keep in mind that while many shelters are “no kill”, many others are not.  That means that animals who have done nothing wrong other than exist in the wrong place are euthanized every day.  It breaks your heart to think about!

So if you are looking for a new friend, please adopt, don’t shop.  Save a life while you find your new BFF.



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