International Panic Day

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This is a day I “celebrate” without even trying.  It’s International Panic day.

Yes- International.  It’s not enough for folks here in the US to panic.  We are panicking all over the globe.  And why not?  Climate change, wars, economic threats, human rights violations- the list goes on.  It’s enough to make you wonder why some people AREN’T panicking!

And if that wasn’t enough, many of us have experienced panic attacks as a symptom of our metal health disorders.  Thankfully, I haven’t had a true, full-on attack in years, but I’ll never forget how scary they are.

So, how do we “celebrate” this day?  For me, getting the proper treatment has improved my mental health tremendously, so I suggest we encourage everyone to NOT be ashamed and to seek help if they are struggling with their own mental health.  We don’t shame people for having thyroid disorders or other conditions, there is no reason for mental health to be treated any differently.   Together we can make a difference.

For the big world problems?  We can write our members of Congress. We can donate to charitable organizations that work to improve the world.  We can make sure that we don’t share misinformation online.  We can pray to our higher power. We can chose to support brands that align with our world views and/or also support charitable organizations we want to support.

So, maybe the best way to celebrate today is to not panic at all.

We’ll see.


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